1. Greater Long Period Effects – A lot of the time commercial hair care products have damaging chemical in it that can damage your hair over time. You will notice this when you experience very dry brittle hair, irritated scalp and dandruff. Natural hair care products, in reference to several studies, have been proven to be a lot safer for long term use than the commercial alternative. Studies has further shown that chemically treated products show slower results than all natural products which show to be a lot safer after long term use. Studies have also proven that natural products results are more instantaneous results. So when using organic natural hair product our hair will be stronger and healthier in a lesser amount of time 2. Hair Fuel – The nourishment provided by natural hair care products is something that will definitely separate it from commercial products. The nutrition arises from organic components like vitamin E, fatty acids, rosemary essential oil, and almond oil. This is not to say that all commercial products don’t have these components. It’s that they frequently have additional artificial ingredients that stop their objective practically entirely. If you’re looking for real result for your hair health and beauty then you need to switch to all natural hair care products. It may be a challenge at first if it’s what you’re not use to but you won’t regret it and your hair will thank you. If you wanted to lose weight you would have to change the way you eat so you will have to change what you use on your hair for better results. 3. The Health Element – This concept goes with the previous benefit of hair nourishment. When you use all natural products you reduce the risk of health problems in the future due to the chemical and artificial ingredients in your products. Especially those with sensitive skin and scalp as well as those with skin conditions such as eczema, alopecia, psoriasis, people with diabetes and even pregnant women should avoid products with chemicals in them. Natural products will not put you in the hospital because of a chemical reaction like commercial products can do. 4. Paraben Free – To extend shelf life many products on store shelves contain parabens. This is a synthetic compound that imitates your body’s hormones similar to birth control pills. The effects of this can change your body’s endocrine systems and how it operates. Further this can give you long and short term problems because the improper functioning of your body due to this synthetic. With natural products you don’t have to put your health at risk and avoid health problems in the future. 5. Healthier You Overall – If your using all natural skin products then you definitely want to include all natural hair products to cover all your bases. Your skin is one of biggest organs in your body and your scalp is a part of that right? Just like products soak through your skin on your body it can also go into your scalp affecting your inner organs. So in short by avoiding chemically made commercial hair care products you will improve your health, avoid medical problems, your hair will get proper nourishment and you will get faster result for healthier hair [instagram-feed]