Best natural hair braids hairstyles

The best natural hair braids hairstyles can be found here. Braiding your natural hair is a great protective style that you can use to save your hair from the elements as well as aid in hair growth and preventing hair breakage. This article will give you good ideas on how you can braid your hair and look great at the same time. These styles are actually amazing and will surely have you turning heads. Hopefully the best natural hair braids hairstyles will inspire your style.

These cornrows are braided with a single cornrow running down the centre of the head where we have the remaining of the cornrows shooting out. With this type of cornrow braid hairstyle, hair extensions are fed into the cornrows and decorated with beads in different colours and shapes to make the look excellent for a princess like you. For this style, one does not need to be too complex since you will be adding a little touch to the long cornrow braid hairstyles with beads placed in between them.

Best natural hair braids hairstylesBest natural hair braids hairstyles

Bantu knot on natural hairBest natural hair braids hairstyles

Crochet braids on natural hair

Best natural hair braids hairstyles

When your hair is braided it can get dry . It is important to keep the hair moisturized by oiling 3 times a week. Using braids on your natural hair can help it to grow as well as give it a rest while your able to treat your hair and scalp. Use products that are nourishing to your hair and scalp. While your hair is braided you can use an oil on your scalp and a treatment spray on you hair. A leave in conditioner spray can make your hair look healthier and shinier as well as strengthen your natural hair . If you are familiar with the LOC method you can also use this on your braids. LOC is a moisturizing routine that consist of Liquid, Oil and Cream. Liquid is the moisturizer, Oil is the nourisher and cream or butter is to seal it.

Some suggest products are seen below.