Charcoal And Bentonite Clay Soaps Why You Should Start Using For Your Skin?

charcoal and bentonite clay soap

Using Charcoal And Bentonite Clay Soap is a good way to cleanse your skin. One of the main problems today is that we don’t know how to wash our skin. We bathe the body in automatic showers and step out to cleanse it dry with cleanser sprays and creams, which are artificial products for synthetic […]

Mango Butter for Hair Benefits and How to Use

Mango Butter Cream for Natural Hair

Mango butter for your hair is very beneficial for your hair. Maybe you have tried shea butter or another butter and it hasn’t worked for you, give mango butter a try. Mango butter is derived from the seed of the mango fruit. Mango butter for hair contains antioxidants, vitamins (A, C, E, D and B), […]

Bentonite Clay on Hair Before and After Review

bentonite clay on hair before and after

Bentonite clay is an Indian healing clay for hair. Often I use bentonite clay to deep clean my hair. I love how soft and defined it leaves my hair. Usually, I mix own my clay mask, but I have been on the lookout for a ready-made mix that will allow me to skip the DIY […]

Slay Your Wedding Hair With These Simple DIY Hairstyles For Naturalistas

Slay Your Wedding Hair With These Simple DIY Hairstyles For Naturalistas

Many natural hair bride wonder how to look stunning on their big day with their natural hair. This article will show you ways that you can style your natural hair and look absolutely beautiful. It isnt as hard as you think. Styling your natural hair for your wedding can be simple and elegant. The use […]