Natural Hair Problems and Solutions

Natural Hair Problems and SolutionsHow Stop Natural Hair from Breakage and Shedding Solution -Your hair is to dry without any elasticity. Reduce too much manipulation such as excessive combing, brushing, pulling. Also make sure you keep your hair well moisturized using the LOC method or LCO method. Drink lots of water. Sleep with a satin scarf or sleep on a satin pillow to protect hair How to Treat Split Ends and Damaged Hair Solution- Split ends cannot be repaired but can be prevented. First you need to trim those split ends. Then make sure your hair is always moisturized and seal your ends. Ends should be sealed with butters such as shea butter or oils such as coconut oil. Protecting your ends is the best way to treat split ends. How to Detangle Natural Hair without Breakage Solution- Use a wide tooth comb or fingers to detangle.  Please do not rush through this process or it can lead to the above problems of split ends and hair breakage. Also make sure your hair is fully detangled before moving forward in your styling process. Why do I Have So Many Single Strand Knots Solution- The wash and go hair style has been known to cause single strand knots if your are noticing more knots when doing this hair style then this may be the cause. Trim knots and split ends. Use the LOC or LCO method to moisturize and seal ends. Also do a protective ever so often to give your ends a break. Natural Hair Shedding Remedy Solution- Hair shedding is normal in the hair growth process. How to know that it is not normal shedding is when you notice balding or thinning hair. First see your doctor to make sure that it is not health related. Hair sheds with there is to much stress and tension on the hair strand that may come from tight braids, ponytails, buns or other tight, pulling hairstyles. Try looser hairstyles to help stop hair shedding.  

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