Flaxseed Hair Cream

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Natural V.I.P. Flaxseed Hair Cream is a rich, thick cream that will help define your curls and give them a healthy shine. The natural ingredients in this our natural hair cream help to moisturize your hair, leaving it soft and shiny.
1. CREATES SWEET- This cream will make your hair sweet smelling and smelling wonderful for days after you use it!
2. NO STICKY RESIDUE – The flaxseed will create a light coating on your hair so that when you comb through it will not leave any sticky residue behind!
3. DEFINE CURLS – By adding the flaxseed styling cream to your hair care regimen, you can improve the appearance of your curls and define them to give them a healthy shine. You can also control frizziness caused by dry hair with this product, which will leave you with soft defined curls!

Brand: Natural V.I.P Natural V.I.P

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