Respecting Women with Afro hair

Respecting Women with  Afro hair
Where do people think that they could just walk up to someone and touch their natural hair or anything on their body just because their curious. This is a clear violation of personal space. Respecting a person involves asking if you can touch them and if they say no let it go. Or even asking questions if your curious about someone’s hair I’m sure they would be more forthcoming. Many women are proud of their natural hair and would be willing to talk about it to others.   When Solange sang the words ‘don’t touch my hair’ in her latest album, she was sending a clear message to anyone who still thinks it’s appropriate to grab Afro hair uninvited. Newsflash: it never was and never will be OK to pet another human like a dog. To set the record straight once and for all, we asked people with Afro-textured hair to reveal what they wish other people would stop doing and assuming. If in doubt: ask don’t touch, advises Leillah Sekalala, the founder and director of and the Good Afro Salon Awards
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