Shea Butter and Skin Care Benefits

What is Shea Butter? Shea Butter grows in the savannah of Western African it is extracted form the nuts of the Shea Tree also known as Butyrospermum parkii. The Shea tree is considered a sacred tree. The highest it can grow is 60 feet tall and blooms after it turns 20 years old and can survive up to 200 years old. The women of Africa are the ones that that harvest and extract the Shea butter from the Shea nuts. Shea butter acts as skin protect-ants from the sun for those women in hot Savannah Africa. For thousands of years people have been using Shea butter to protect their skin from wind and sun and drying out. Other benefits of using Shea butter are to treat skin issues (eczema, rashes, dermatitis) cuts and burns. Queen Nefertiti of Egypt who is known for her beauty says her beauty was because of her Shea Butter use. Nature’s Beauty Mix uses the purest and highest quality Shea Butter in Skin and Hair Products. Here are some benefits of using Shea Butter that help the skin. Repairs fine lines and wrinkles Antioxidant Anti-inflammatory Totally moisturizing Skin firming Skin protectant UV defending Skin regenerating Collagen production (makes the skin stronger, suppler and younger) Treatment for minor cuts and burns healing Muscle pain relief Physical stamina enhancer Here are two studies showing the benefits of Shea Butter : In a clinical study done by Frank Renard, Ph.D., Shea butter was found to have substantial anti-aging properties and was demonstrated to aid in reconstructing and restoring collagen. Participants in this experiment were provided Shea butter to apply to their skin as a cream to rub on their skin for four to eight months. The outcomes revealed clearer, brighter skin; fewer wrinkles; and also fewer sun damage. A study published in a 2010 issue of the “Journal of Oleo Science” by Toshihiro Akihisa and colleagues found that Shea fat has significant anti-inflammatory properties. A experiment printed in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology by the Department of Pharmacology at the College of Medicine of the University of Lagos determined that Shea butter is an pretty good nasal decongestant. Participators were given two to four applications of Shea butter in the nasal cavity, and within just 12 to 24 hours they showed no signs of inflammation, congestion or nasal damage.